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Mature content
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Ch. 2 :icongothchick7:gothchick7 1 0
Mature content
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Ch. 1 :icongothchick7:gothchick7 1 0
Mature content
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Prologue :icongothchick7:gothchick7 0 0
Persona 5 Protagonist x Reader- You Snuck Your Way
Note: Just use any name you want for the Protagonist whenever you see P/C, as long as it's male.
Also, spoilers for the end of Persona 5.
I should've known
From how I felt
When we were together
And even more when we were apart
You tiptoed in
And you got under my skin
You snuck your way right into my heart

You stood at the train station with your childhood friend, P/C, waiting for the train that'll take him to Tokyo. He had told you that he had to transfer schools as part of his probation and you both made plans to meet at the train station so that you could see him off.
"Promise you'll write?" you asked him as a train finally came to the station.
"Yeah," P/C said as some of the passengers left the train while several more boarded the train.
"Now boarding train leaving for Yogen-Jaya, Tokyo," they heard the announcement say.
You both gave each other one last hug before he went to board the train.
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 8 2
HunieCam: Male!Reader x Lailani- You're Welcome!
Full Title: HunieCam Studio: Male!Demigod!Reader x Lailani- You're Welcome!
This is what happens when you listen to a Moana song too much... Enjoy!
Lailani walked through the city, trying to find something to do on her day off. She had been working for the past week just to make up for her expenses and her boss had called to tell her that she was given a day off as well as being told to go ahead and relax. After a while of walking around, she reached a pier where she saw that there is a rent-a-boat service available. She walked over to the stand for the service.
"Excuse me," she said, getting the stand worker's attention. "What can you tell me about the rent-a-boat service?"
"Well," the worker said, "you basically rent one of the boats we have here and sail anywhere you want to on the water."
"Cool," Lailani replied. "How much do you usually charge?"
"About $100 per hour," the worker answered.
"Ooh, a l
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 9 6
Bendy and the Ink Machine Contest Entry by gothchick7 Bendy and the Ink Machine Contest Entry :icongothchick7:gothchick7 2 4
Female!Creepypasta!Reader x Human!Female!Bonnie
Requested by :iconBiggestsonamyfan:. Warning: is yuri (my first one, no less) and leads to a lemon. Turn away if offended.
You roamed the forest, looking for something to entertain you. Jeff, BEN, Eyeless Jack, and Laughing Jack had begun a prank war of sorts and from what you heard from your uncle, Splendorman, you don't want to get into the crossfire. The sound of twigs snapping brought you out of your thoughts. You looked towards the source to find a purple-haired red-eyed young woman, wearing a purple dress with matching high heels as well as a red bow tie, running around. You began to follow her around, getting a good view when she bent down to fix her shoe. That did it for you, you want this girl for yourself. An evil smirk on your face, you sent out an (f/c) tentacle out of your back towards the woman. It smacked her on the butt, which you discovered to be a sensitive area for her.
"Oh!" she ga
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 7 2
2P! America x Fem! Reader: Pear-y April Fools!
This is what happens when people start that darn Biting Pear spiel: it gives people weird ideas.
(Name) had just walked into the condo she shared with her boyfriend, Allen, after spending a while in the park, trying to get her creative juices flowing for her dating anniversary present for Allen. She let out a sigh as she walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of (fav. beverage), only to let out a shrill scream as she backed away. Sitting on the counter was a plush of a pear, yet the pear had a strange-looking toothy grin on it. She stared for a minute and cautiously walked towards it. She poked it and waited for a bit, only the plush didn't move. She sighed in relief and picked up the pear plush, noticing a card under where it was. She picked it up and looked at it.
The card had read: "Hey, Doll! If this managed to scare you, then April Fools! If not, then at least I tried. -Al PS: Happy Anniversary!
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 4 0
Bendy and the Ink Machine sketch by gothchick7 Bendy and the Ink Machine sketch :icongothchick7:gothchick7 3 0
Undertale X Fem!Reader: For My Sister Prologue
Note: You're Frisk's older sister in this and Frisk is a girl. Also, warning: mentions of abuse in this.
You and your little sister, Frisk, sat in the living room of the house and watched the TV, which showed a cartoon. You had picked her up from school just in time for the both of you to be home from school for summer vacation.
"Hey, you feel better, imouto?" you asked her, using the pet name you call her by.
Frisk nodded in response.
"All right," you said.
You both continued to watch TV. You let out a sigh. Frisk hasn't been able to speak ever since the age she should speak at and was often picked on at school because of that. You saw that the commercials came on as you heard the sound of a car pull up. You gulped as you turned off the TV and picked up both your and Frisk's schoolbags.
"Come on, let's watch the rest of it in our room," you said as you took Frisk's hand into your own.
Frisk only nodded
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 8 4
HunieCam: Male!Reader x Nora- Valentine's Day Date
It's Valentine's Day and there was a hustle and bustle of activity as couples spent the day together. (Male! Name) let out a contented sigh as he walked over to the studio where his girlfriend, Nora, was working. He had been preparing for their date that night and he was determined to show off his hard work to his girl. After a while, he soon reached the studio where Nora was working and entered it. He saw Nora, wearing a bathrobe, with some of her co-workers and walked over. Nora noticed and waved him over.
"Hey, honey," (Male! Name) said with a warm smile. "Ready to go?"
"Just about, bae," Nora said, smiling. "We got one more photo shoot before we head out."
"All right, then."
"All right, places, ladies!" the photographer said as Nora went up to the set with the other girls.
(Male! Name) watched as Nora took off the bathrobe, revealing a red bikini set with white and pink hearts decorating it, with the other girls doing the same.
"Damn," he muttered to himself before the photo shoot
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 16 13
Yandere Simulator: Male!Assassin!Reader x Nemesis
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch,
You really are a heel!
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch.
You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

Both (Male! Name) and Nemesis walked into the school, only one thing on both of their minds: get the job done. (Male! Name) was sent to take out Midori Gurin while Nemesis was sent to take out Ayano Aishi, who is also a fellow assassin. He looked over at Nemesis, noting her disguise as Mai Waifu. She had made sure that Mai was out of town so that no one would suspect a thing.
"Stop looking at me," Nemesis whispered to him, not looking at him.
"Not my fault you decided to disguise yourself as a big busted girl," he whispered.
Nemesis resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The two reached the school and went their separate ways. (Male! Name) walked around the school and looked at his cell phone.
You're a monster, Mr. Grinch.

Your heart's an empty hole!

Your brain is full of spiders,

You've g
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 26 9
HCStudio: Male!Reader x Renee: All Hallow's Eve
(Male! Name) and his girlfriend of two years Renee were on their way to a costume party that Renee's workplace was throwing. (Male! Name) couldn't help but smile as he looked at the pirate costume that Renee had put on. Renee had noticed him staring.
"What are you looking at?" she asked.
"Just you," he answered. "You'd make a cute pirate."
Renee giggled at that.
"Well, you look like a knight in shining armor," she stated as she gestured towards his knight costume.
"I know," he said as he kissed her on the forehead.
Renee smiled. After a while, they soon reached Renee's workplace and entered. (Male! Name) looked around to see that it was chock full of Halloween decorations.
"Dang," he said.
"I know, right?" Renee asked. "You should see how it was during Valentine's Day."
"I can't imagine," (Male! Name) said as Renee brought him over to meet with her co-workers.
As the night went on, (Male! Name) got to know Renee's co-workers, who were also working to either make a quick buck or to have
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 4 9
Steven Universe OC: Moonstone by gothchick7 Steven Universe OC: Moonstone :icongothchick7:gothchick7 2 0
2P! Japan x Fem!Tsundere! Reader: Halloween Date
"Come on, (Name)-chan, we had a deal," Kuro said as he impatiently waited outside of the door that lead to the bedroom he shared with his girlfriend, (Name).
"I'm not coming out in this and you can't make me!" a female voice said from the other side of the door.
"You know I can just open the door, right?" he asked.
A brief silence followed before Kuro heard an audible groan.
"Fine," the same voice said.
The door opened to reveal a blushing (h/l)(h/c)-haired (e/c)-eyed girl dressed in a (f/c) Lolita outfit with a pair of realistic-looking cat ears and a cat tail. Kuro couldn't help but smile at the display in front of him.
"You look adorable," he said.
"Shut up!" she said with a pout.
Kuro chuckled and walked over to her. He then wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. She let out a squeak at that. Kuro's smile went a little wider at the response. (Name) shyly smiled back. She then felt Kuro squeeze her a couple of more times.
"They're still nice like mochi," he remarked as he sq
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 11 0
7 Deadly Sins Intro (Humanoid!FNAF x M/F! Readers)
This is what happens when you have a Seven Deadly Sins obsession: you just can't help but incorporate that into your writings lately. Anyway, this is kinda inspired by some Hetalia Seven Deadly Sins fics I found one time so... yeah.
Here are the rules I'm going to follow:
1) I have to use at least one character from each game.
A) The games I'm using in this are FNAF 1 through 4, and FNAF Sister Location (I didn't include FNAF World because the characters are the same, just chibified).
B) The character I use has to be related to one of the Seven Deadly Sins according to the logic of either the characters or the animals/people they're supposed to be based off of.
C) The Readers in this intro will be either male or female with male/female words such as him/her or he/she.
2) I already have a couple of ideas for two of the Sins, but if you have any ideas for the other five, be sure to let me know.
3) I can't use the human protagonists, Phone Guy, and/or Purple Guy of the games, because... W
:icongothchick7:gothchick7 14 33


EEVEELUTIONS by korderitto EEVEELUTIONS :iconkorderitto:korderitto 56 5 Host by Asher-Ghostface Host :iconasher-ghostface:Asher-Ghostface 189 111 the Eeveelution Choir by Maxo4Life the Eeveelution Choir :iconmaxo4life:Maxo4Life 78 21
Christmas Raffle
Animation md Seasons Greeting 1  Hello Guys! This year, I decided to do something special for Christmas! I have over 300 watchers, and I'mAnimation md Seasons Greeting 1 
             extremely grateful for every single one of you! So, I've decided to give something back to you guys this year!
             This raffle is for these three cuties:  ((The first one is wearing skates btw))
             Star! RULESStar! 
           1. You must be watching me to enter.(New watchers accepted)
           2. Favorite the journal
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 4 14
[PKMN] Shiny Determination by Amadere [PKMN] Shiny Determination :iconamadere:Amadere 91 12 Eevee Slimes by Inika-Xeathis Eevee Slimes :iconinika-xeathis:Inika-Xeathis 227 66
Meme #111
(Please specify if you want Matthew or Donovan.)
Disney movie meme!
Choose a Disney movie and I'll write a starter based on that movie.
1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Snow White
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. The Little Mermaid
5. Atlantis
6. Cinderella
7. Aladdin
8. Alice in Wonderland
9. Tarzan
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
11. The Lion King
12. Mulan
13. The Princess and the Frog
14. Tangled
15. Pinocchio
16. Hercules
17. Lilo & Stitch
18. Peter Pan
19. Pocahontas
:icontimidmaplesyrup:TimidMapleSyrup 4 2,297
Panchamethyst by Black-Tea-Dragon Panchamethyst :iconblack-tea-dragon:Black-Tea-Dragon 33 6
Mature content
Punishment: France x Uke!Male!Young!Reader :iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 184 33
Naga!Male!Reader x Chibitalia
This was so hard to write but I got it.
Disclaimer: You are now daddy to Chibitalia. (I own neither of you)
You sigh as you lazed on a tree branch, you suddenly had developed paternal instincts and you didn't know why. Okay, you had some idea. (FYI, I'm making this info up. Not sure if this is true or not, but it's my story so... who cares!) When a Naga reaches a certain age, their brains release hormones that makes them either want to have children or want to raise one.
And since you didn't want to find the nearest female there was, it was the second hormone. Though it was rare for that to happen, but like I said in the beginning, you aren't a normal Naga.
Anyways, back to the story. You frown at this feeling, the feeling of wanting to love something your own, to raise your own child.
You didn't hate this feeling, but getting a child to raise isn't the easiest thing in the world.
The options were getting a mate, and too many females drove that option aw
:iconchaoticmercy1:ChaoticMercy1 150 22
I had a nightmare  by MacaroniPuppy I had a nightmare :iconmacaronipuppy:MacaroniPuppy 43 73
Mature content
Masochistic bear (Freddy x Bonnie) :iconluciferian-scrublord:Luciferian-Scrublord 125 112
Romano X Reader- Mario Kart
            “God fucking dammit!” You couldn’t help but laugh as Lovino’s character again fell into the seemingly endless black pit of Mario Kart. You were kicking his butt at the game, and raced into the finish line, lapping Luigi as you did so.
            “Yeah! Go Daisy! Show Mario that you don’t need a man!” You stood up and danced in victory, throwing your controller down on the ground.
            “Yeah yeah, you won again, that’s just fucking great!” You leaned down to give your pouty boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. “You’re just jealous that I can beat you in something.” You smiled seeing Lovino blush.
            “Come on Lovi, lighten up! The score’s only… five to one.”
:iconcutie-book-worm:cutie-book-worm 70 9
Twisted Princess: Wendy by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Wendy :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 13,963 855 Pony Kart -ENTRY- by Niban-Destikim Pony Kart -ENTRY- :iconniban-destikim:Niban-Destikim 221 99 Auraeon - Final Color Blast by RiuAuraeon Auraeon - Final Color Blast :iconriuauraeon:RiuAuraeon 102 52



Mature Content

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Warning: contains dark themes and swearing! You have been warned!
During the weeks that followed being hospitalized, Snow Flight had been keeping up to date on anything that went on with Golden Harvest's help. Shortly after he was brought to the hospital, Big Macintosh had been arrested and charged with kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder as well as attempted murder. He pleaded not guilty due to insanity and once that was proven in court, Princess Celestia had no choice but to sentence Big Macintosh to be committed to a mental institution near Ponyville. Snow Flight knew that it was probably for the best since the doctors could not only help Big Macintosh, but also make sure that he doesn't hurt anyone else. During his remaining time at the hospital, he had written a letter to Princess Celestia, asking for an audience with the princess regarding what was going on as soon as possible.
Finally, he was allowed to leave the hospital once his injuries had healed, though the doctor did advise him to come back if he ever experiences any pain returning to his side and/or wing in the near future. He had walked out of the hospital to see Golden Harvest waiting for him, a big smile on her face.
"Okay, what's up?" he asked.
"This was in the mail for you," Golden Harvest said as she handed him a letter.
Snow Flight looked at it to see a Royal Seal on it.
"She did respond!" he said in joyful surprise as he opened it.
They both started walking as Snow Flight began to read the letter.
"My loyal subject, Snow Flight," he started. "I have received your letter and I agree that something is indeed wrong with some of my other subjects as well as my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. I will accept your request for an audience in either Ponyville or Canterlot, depending on the urgency of the matter you wish to speak with me about. My sister, Princess Luna, and Discord have both agreed to fulfill my duties while I meet with you. I await your choice as well as your problem. Sincerely, Princess Celestia."
He then put up the letter.
"Did not think she would respond so soon," he'd say.
"Be thankful she did," Golden Harvest said.
Golden Harvest nodded as Snow Flight thought for a bit.
"Maybe I should go to Canterlot to meet with her," Snow Flight said. "That way, if she does agree to let me research into the problem, I'll be able to interview the girls."
"That sounds like a plan," Golden Harvest said.
"You're welcome."
They both reached Snow Flight's house where they both said good-bye and Golden Harvest left to go back to her house. Snow Flight then went into his house, breathing out a sigh. He then got to work on writing a letter regarding his choice of where he and Princess Celestia can discuss the problem.


Snow Flight looked out of the train window as it was on its way to Canterlot. He had heard back from Princess Celestia, agreeing to have the meeting in Canterlot, and so, he had packed his two suitcases, one being filled with clothes and other few necessities while the other was filled with some of his vials, notes, and other small medical supplies he'll need. He let out a sigh as he continued looking out of the window. He was really hoping that Princess Celestia would understand the situation.
"Mister Snow Flight?" he heard a voice pipe up.
He looked to see the little girl with light purple hair streaked with pale purple and green eyes as well as wearing a white kids' casual dress with black Mary Jane shoes and white socks. Next to her is a sleeping Apple Bloom and another little girl with purple hair and wearing an orange shirt with matching shorts and a pair of white tennis shoes as well as orange socks and having orange wings on her back.
"What's up, Sweetie Belle?" he asked.
"Are you okay?" Sweetie Belle asked. "You've been quiet during the whole trip. Not that I'm complaining or anything."
"Oh. Well, I'm fine. I've just been thinking about everything that's happened."
"Oh. That's okay, though. You'll be able to get Rarity and everybody else back to normal, right?"
She had given him a big smile as she said that. He couldn't help but smile.
"That's the plan, at least."
"Okay!" Sweetie Belle said excitedly.
"We are now arriving at Canterlot Train Station," they heard an announcement on the train.
"That's our stop," Snow Flight said. "Think you can wake up Apple Bloom and Scootaloo while I get our things?"
"Sure," Sweetie Belle said as she went to wake up Apple Bloom and the other girl.
"Ugh, wha-?" Scootaloo said drowsily as she opened her light purple eyes.
"Are we there yet?" Apple Bloom asked in a drowsy voice.
"Yes, we are," Snow Flight said as he gave each girl her suitcase. "Now, we need to stick together. You kids could get lost."
"Okay," all three said as they got their suitcases.
"Does the princess know you're bringing us along?" Scootaloo asked.
"No, but I'm planning on surprising Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash when we go to meet them."
"Yay!" the girls said as they group-hugged.
Snow Flight couldn't help but smile at that. The four then got off of the train and had left the train station as Snow Flight took out a map of Canterlot, beginning to look at it.
"What are you, a navigator?" Scootaloo asked when she saw that.
"Not really," Snow Flight said. "I just have a hard time getting around new places."
"Oh..." the Cutie Mark Crusaders said at once.
Snow Flight looked at the map for a little while before making a face.
"I can't make heads or tails of this map," he remarked.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at the map.
"I think that's because you're holding it upside-down," Sweetie Belle said.
Snow Flight looked at the map again to see that he was indeed holding it upside-down.
"So, I was," he said as he turned it back up. "I'm a chowderhead."
"Funny, ya don't have chowder in yer head," Apple Bloom joked.
Snow Flight snorted.
"You know what I mean," he said as he ruffled Apple Bloom's hair, causing her to giggle a bit.
The four then made their way throughout Canterlot, with Snow Flight looking at the map now and then to see if they were heading in the right direction. After a while, they soon reached the gate that led to the castle.
"State your business," a guard posted at the gate said.
"I have an audience with Princess Celestia," Snow Flight said as he presented the letter to the guard. "The kids are with me."
The guard looked at the letter before nodding.
"All right, you may pass," the guard said before signaling to open the gate.
The gate was then opened and Snow Flight along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders walked through the gateway. Snow Flight breathed out a sigh of relief as they walked up to the castle's entrance, which the two guards posted there opened for the entourage to enter. The four did so just as a woman with purple hair streaked with pink and pale yellow, lavender eyes, and wearing a pale pink regal dress with a gold crown with purple gems on it with a matching necklace and shoes as well as having pale pink wings and horn walked up to the group, a baby girl looking similar to the woman in her arms.
"Hello, Snow Flight," the woman said with a small bow.
"Princess Cadance," Snow Flight said as he and the Cutie Mark Crusaders bowed as well. "A pleasure meeting you."
"Aunt Tia said that she was expecting you," Cadance said.
"She is," Snow Flight said. "Is she available at the moment?"
"She should be about done with meeting the mayor of Fillydelphia," Cadance said. "I'll go ahead and lead you to the throne room."
"Thank you," Snow Flight said as Cadance led the group through the castle.
As they walked, Snow Flight looked at the baby, who was staring at him in curiosity.
"What's her name?" he asked.
"Flurry Heart," Cadance answered.
"Well, she's an adorable princess," Snow Flight said.
"Thank you," Cadance said. "Both Shining Armor and I are very lucky to be her parents."
Snow Flight nodded in agreement as they approached the doors leading to the throne room where a man with dark blue and light blue streaked hair, cyan eyes, and wearing purple and gold armor along with having a white horn on his forehead stood.
"Hello, Shiny," Cadance said with a warm smile as she walked up to the man.
"Hello, Cadance," Shining Armor said as he looks at Snow Flight and company. "Let me guess."
"Snow Flight's here to see Aunt Tia," Cadance said.
"Well, I'd say he has good timing," Shining Armor said. "I think the meeting with the mayor of Fillydelphia is about to end."
"That's a good thing," Snow Flight said with a nod.
The doors opened and the mayor of Fillydelphia walked out. He bowed towards Shining Armor and Cadance in acknowledgement before walking off, with Snow Flight and the Cutie Mark Crusaders having already gotten out of the way.
"Right this way," Shining Armor said as he and Cadance led Snow Flight, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle into the throne room.
Snow Flight looked straight ahead as his eyes focused on the woman with blue, green, and pink hair, violet eyes, and wearing a regal white dress along with a gold crown with matching necklace, both having purple gems, and golden shoes as well as having white wings and horn sitting on the throne.
"May I present Dr. Snow Flight of Ponyville and company," Shining Armor said as Snow Flight and the Cutie Mark Crusaders bowed.
"Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice, Your Highness," Snow Flight said.
"You're welcome, Doctor," the woman said. "I understand that you might have an idea behind why some of the citizens in Equestria did what they did?"
"I have, Princess Celestia," Snow Flight said. "However, what I say in this castle must stay within these walls. I don't want to cause a kingdom-wide panic."
"That's understandable," Princess Celestia said before gesturing towards him to follow her. "Come with me to the garden. I've already asked both Luna and Discord to handle the rest of today's affairs while I have my meeting with you."
Snow Flight nodded as he followed Princess Celestia into the castle's garden. He looked around the area as they walked.
"Would you like to tell me what your theory is?" Princess Celestia asked him.
"Do you mind if I start at the beginning?" Snow Flight asked.
"Not at all," Princess Celestia said.
"Okay," Snow Flight said before explaining to her about what had happened several weeks prior.
"Oh..." Princess Celestia said before thinking for a bit. "Are you certain that the virus that Trixie had gotten is what Twilight and her friends as well as Big Macintosh has contracted?"
"I'm only saying that it's a possibility," Snow Flight stated. "However, as far as I know, the Everfree Forest seems to be the one place that houses this particular virus. Trixie had told me that she had finished practicing her act there and Big Macintosh had mentioned that Applejack was acting a bit off ever since she and the others got back from the Everfree Forest."
"I see," Princess Celestia said before thinking some more. "Very well, you have my utmost permission to look more into this virus and find a cure if it is curable. I'll even allow you to interview Twilight Sparkle and her friends as well as collect samples from them to see if they are infected with this virus. Think of it as community service to the kingdom of Equestria since you have aided and abetted a criminal, even if she was your family."
"Thank you, Your Highness. I won't let you down."
With that, Princess Celestia led Snow Flight back into the throne room just as Cadance walked in with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in tow.
"They wanted to see Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash," Cadance explained.
"That's quite all right," Princess Celestia said. "Shining Armor, would you mind leading Doctor Snow Flight into the dungeons so that he'll be able to interview and collect samples from Twilight Sparkle and her friends?"
"Not at all, Your Highness," Shining Armor said before gesturing for Snow Flight to follow him.
Snow Flight followed Shining Armor into the dungeons of the castle. Snow Flight looked around as they did so.
"I hope you know what you're doing," Shining Armor said as he led Snow Flight into a room used for interrogations.
"I hope so, too," Snow Flight said. "You mind if I start the interviews with your sister?"
"Of course not," Shining Armor said. "I'll go get her."
With that, he left the room. Snow Flight sat at the table and took out an audio recorder from his suitcase, placing a blank CD in it. He placed it on the table along with a notepad as well as tweezers and sample bags. He then patiently waited for the interviews to start.
"I really hope I'm right about this fucking thing," he said to himself as he heard the door open.
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Ch. 2
Hey, me with a new chapter. I know, I know, three parts in only about two weeks. I've just been productive with this series. Anyway, after this chapter, I'm going to release six parts in which Snow Flight interviews the Mane Six before I even work on Chapter 3.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro. The only thing I own is the idea and Snow Flight.

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Note: takes place a few weeks after the prologue. Read if you haven't yet.
Warning: contains dark themes, gore, sexual themes, and swearing! You have been warned!
Snow Flight stood outside the fence surrounding Sweet Apple Acres. Ever since the incident at Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville was on high alert while the Royal Guards searched for Pinkie Pie or anyone else who had anything to do with some of the disappearances in Ponyville. However, they soon succeeded in capturing Pinkie Pie as well as leading to the surprising captures of Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Applejack. All six of them were charged with kidnapping, murder, torture, and even rape, though all six plead out in order to get a lighter sentence and so, they're spending their sentence in Canterlot's dungeons where they won't hurt anyone else. He made a face at the memory. Applejack was the reason he was here in the first place: he had to make sure that her family was doing all right in spite of Applejack's arrest on the grounds of kidnapping and rape. He then noticed a woman with light rose hair with lighter pink stripes, light green eyes, and wearing a purple top with matching skirt and pumps walking up to him.
"Morning, Snow Flight," she said with a warm smile. "Here to check up on Apple Bloom and her family?"
"I just want to at least make sure they're doing okay," Snow Flight said. "What brings you here, though, Cheerilee?"
"Well, I want to see if Apple Bloom was doing all right," Cheerilee answered.
"Oh, yeah. She's been through a lot, hasn't she?"
"Yes, she has," Cheerilee said.
"Thought as much."
Cheerilee nodded as the two walked through the gate. The first one to greet them was a young girl with red hair with a pink bow in it, orange eyes, and a pale yellow T-shirt with blue jeans and brown shoes running up to them.
"Hey, there, Apple Bloom," Snow Flight said.
"Howdy, Mister Snow Flight, Miss Cheerilee," Apple Bloom said with a smile on her face.
"How are you feeling?" Cheerilee asked.
"A bit better," Apple Bloom said.
"That's good," Snow Flight said before looking around. "Where's your grandmother and brother?"
"Big Mac's harvestin' apples right now," Apple Bloom said, "and Granny Smith's been tryin' to make ends meet."
Snow Flight resisted the urge to facepalm himself. He should've known that Granny Smith would try and help pay the bills among other things ever since Applejack was arrested. Instead, he kept a steady face.
"You mind if I check with them?" he asked.
"I'm sure they don't mind at all," Apple Bloom said as she led the two adults towards their house.
Once they reached the house, Snow Flight saw that, indeed, an old woman with white hair in a bun, orange eyes, and wearing a lime green dress with an orange apple-patterned neckerchief sitting in a chair on the porch, looking over some papers. Both Snow Flight and Cheerilee walked up to the porch.
"Hello," Snow Flight said.
The woman looked up to see them.
"Oh, hello there," the woman said.
"Are you doing okay, Granny Smith?" Snow Flight asked.
"It's been rough most days," Granny Smith said, "but I've been managing."
"I see," Snow Flight said. "Do you know where Big Macintosh is? I was told that he's harvesting apples."
"He's about over there," Granny Smith said as she pointed to one spot in the apple trees.
Snow Flight looked at where she pointed.
"Okay, then," he said. "Thank you."
"You're welcome," Granny Smith said.
Snow Flight walked over to the spot that Granny Smith had pointed out. Once he reached the spot, he saw a man with orange hair, green eyes, and wearing a red flannel shirt with blue jeans and light yellow boots harvesting apples.
"Hello, Big Mac," Snow Flight said politely as he walked up to him.
"Howdy," Big Macintosh only said in greeting.
"You doing okay?"
"Not letting recent events get you down, are you?"
"Didn't think so," Snow Flight said as he looked around.
He noticed an old barn a little ways from where the two are. He raised an eyebrow at that.
"You can only blame her so much," he heard Big Macintosh say.
Snow Flight looked at Big Macintosh in surprise.
"You mean Applejack?" Snow Flight asked, even though he knew it was obvious.
Big Macintosh nodded.
"She hadn't been the same ever since she and the others came back from the Everfree Forest. She always looked distracted, almost never focusing on her part of the work around here or even what's going on around her. Even after what she did to all of those men, the only person we can all blame is ourselves. We should've seen the signs, because if we did, Applejack would've been helped and none of this wouldn't have happened."
"I guess you're right," Snow Flight said.
"Eeyup," Big Macintosh only said.
Snow Flight nodded as Big Macintosh resumed working. He then looked towards the old barn and walked towards it, unaware that Big Macintosh was watching him with a crazy look in his eyes. Snow Flight reached the barn and opened the door. He looked around the area, noting the trapdoor in the center of it. He opened the trapdoor and walked the stairs towards what he noted was a now disused apple cellar. He looked at the junk before his eye caught the blood on the ground. He gasped a bit before noticing the remains of three female Equestrians, mutilated beyond recognition. He stepped back a bit before hearing the faint sound of muffled whimpering coming from behind an old barrel. Snow Flight carefully stepped around the blood and remains towards it.
He looked behind it to see a woman with dark gray hair and violet eyes wearing a light gray suit complete with a pink bowtie. However, the most surprising thing Snow Flight had noticed was that arms were tied behind her back with some old rope with her legs tied with the same material. Old rope circled above and below the woman's breasts while a white cloth was tied over her mouth. He went to the woman and removed the cloth, allowing her to take a big breath of air through her mouth.
"You okay, Octavia?" he asked as he started untying the woman.
"I'm fine," Octavia responded. "But you need to get out of here. He'll be back in here any second."
"He? What are you-?" Snow Flight asked before realizing something. "Wait. You mean to tell me that Big Mac was the one that tied you up and killed those three women?"
"Yes," Octavia said. "All I did was ask for some apples, and he told me to wait in that barn for him while he got some. When I got there, though, he grabbed me from behind and dragged me into that cellar where those three women were. He tied me up and only told me to watch him 'teach a lesson' to the women and to not scream. You would not believe the most horrible things he did to them. All I could do was just sit there and watch."
Snow Flight had finished untying the ropes and helped Octavia up.
"Well," he started, "let's just get you out of- ACK!"
He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side while Octavia covered her mouth in shock. Snow Flight fell to the ground and clutched his now bleeding side.
"Sorry, Snow Flight," he heard Big Macintosh say as he looked up to see the farmer standing over him, holding a bloodied knife, "but I can't risk you tellin' anybody else."
With that, Big Macintosh grabbed one of Snow Flight's wings and twisted it slowly, earning him a low grunt of pain from the flyer Equestrian. With a sadistic grin, he pulled hard, a loud SNAP being heard.
"NNNGGHHH!" Snow Flight yelled through gritted teeth when that happened along with Octavia letting out a muffled scream through her hand.
"There we go," Big Macintosh said before looking at Octavia with the same sadistic grin. "You're next."
Octavia backed away from him until her back made contact with the wall. Snow Flight could practically see the fear in her eyes.
"Please," Octavia began to plea for her life. "Just let me go. Everyone's probably wondering where I am."
"They won't find you," Big Macintosh stated as he pinned her to the wall with his free hand. "As far as they're concerned, you're just a cellist that won't be missed."
"No! Please!" Octavia shouted as he held up the knife to her neck, prepared to slice her throat at any moment.
Snow Flight got up as best as he could, slouching over with the injured wing limply hanging by his arm when he managed to stand up.
"Why?" he asked, his voice weak yet he mustered up all the strength he could in doing so.
Big Macintosh became surprised and looked at the flyer Equestrian, removing the knife from Octavia's neck as he did so.
"Why what?" Big Macintosh asked back.
"Why did you kill those women?" Snow Flight asked, confidence rising in his questioning. "Why did you make an innocent woman watch you commit your Celestia-damned deeds here?!"
"Those three were too noisy," Big Macintosh answered calmly. "They were disturbing my peace and quiet."
Snow Flight scoffed at that.
"All that just because of a little noise?" he asked. "That was a petty excuse, even for you. Now, spill it! What was the real reason why you did it?!"
In a flash, Big Macintosh had let go of Octavia and tackled Snow Flight to the ground, hand on the flyer's throat along with the knife at the ready.
"What makes you think I'll ever tell you?" Big Macintosh asked, his anger clearly showing. "You don't know what it's like to know that your own sister was raped and you weren't even there to protect her along with the fact that no one could find the ones who were fucking responsible for it!"
Silence followed as shock became evident on Snow Flight's face. A plan then formulated in his mind as he covertly signaled Octavia with his eyes before he looked at Big Macintosh.
"You're right," he said, much to the farmer's surprise. "I don't know what it's like, but I do know what it's like to find out that someone in your own family is a psychopath. Weeks ago, Trixie had shown up at my house, covered in blood. While she was staying there, she told me about having dark thoughts for days on end before she finally acted on them. I knew the risk of helping her out, but I still helped her figure out what was wrong with her. I never did tell her the exact cause because she had fled from town when the Royal Guard arrived. But I do know one thing: I am never going to stop until I find out what happened to her, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, and now you."
As Snow Flight explained, Octavia had picked up an old wrench, sneaked up to them, and swung as hard as she could. It made contact with Big Macintosh's head, causing him to let go of Snow Flight's throat as he fell to the ground. Snow Flight hastily got up, cringing in pain as Octavia ran over and picked him up.
"One thing I despise more than this whole thing is admitting that my parents were right," Octavia said as she held Snow Flight bridal-style. "I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of being right about Ponyville."
With that, she ran out of the cellar and the barn as a whole, all the while carrying Snow Flight. Snow Flight began to slowly lose consciousness due to the wound in his side as well as the injured wing.
"Snow Flight!" was the last thing he heard before he finally passed out.


Snow Flight slowly woke up to find himself staring at a green ceiling. He blinked several times before realizing something and quickly sat up, cringing in pain. He looked to see that the wing that Big Macintosh had broken was bandaged up. He looked at his sided to see bandages wrapped around his torso. He then remembered the circumstances of what happened when he saw that he was in a hospital room.
"Snow Flight, you damn idiot," he chastised himself as he laid down. "You knew that going into an old barn was dangerous, yet you did it anyway. And now look what happened: you nearly got yourself killed by a fucking maniac. Not to mention that there's no telling how long you were out."
"A couple of hours," he heard a familiar voice say.
He became shocked at that.
"Golden Harvest?" he asked as he sat up.
True to form, Golden Harvest was standing next to the hospital bed, looking at him with an angry yet concerned face.
"What you did back at Sweet Apple Acres was both brave and stupid on your part," Golden Harvest said. "The doctor said that you were lucky to even survive being stabbed."
"... How much of that rant did you hear?" Snow Flight only asked.
"Enough," Golden Harvest said before sighing. "I'm really glad you're okay, though. I just can't believe that Big Mac would even..."
She stopped herself as Snow Flight realized something.
"Is Octavia okay?" he asked.
"Yeah, but she's going to need a lot of therapy," Golden Harvest said. "Vinyl's with her right now."
"That's good. She's going to need to be with a familiar face right now."
Golden Harvest nodded as they both heard the door open. They both looked to see a young woman and a little girl walk in. The woman had violet hair with light purple highlights, purple eyes, and wearing a magenta dress with matching flats as well as having a magenta horn on her forehead. The little girl had light blonde hair, yellow eyes, and wearing a light violet shirt with matching shorts and white shoes as well as having a light violet horn on on her forehead.
"Is your mother here yet, Amethyst Star?" Golden Harvest asked the woman.
"She said she was going to try and get off work early when I called and told her what happened," Amethyst Star said as she picked up the little girl. "Good thing I had to pick Dinky up from Twist's house."
"Are you going to be okay, Mister Snow Flight?" Dinky Doo asked.
"Hopefully," Snow Flight said. "Sorry if I caused any of you to worry."
"There's no need to be sorry," Amethyst Star said. "You couldn't have known that you would get yourself hurt."
"True," Snow Flight said before making a face. "Golden Harvest, I need to talk to you about something. I'd rather not let Dinky hear this conversation, though."
"That's understandable," Golden Harvest said. "Amethyst Star, could you and Dinky give me a moment alone with Snow Flight?"
"Sure," Amethyst Star said. "Come on, Dinky, let's go see if Mom's here yet."
"Okay," Dinky said as Amethyst Star walked out of the hospital room, closing the door when she did.
"What is it you want to talk about?" Golden Harvest asked once they were sure the two were out of earshot.
"Well..." Snow Flight started before sighing. "While I was in that cellar, Big Mac said something that shocked me. He told me that I didn't know what it was like to have my own sister be raped and not being there to protect her as well as no one finding out who had done it."
"Oh..." Golden Harvest said as her face changed to a sad one.
"You know something about that, don't you?"
"Yes, I did. It was before you moved to Ponyville from Manehatten. Pinkie was throwing a party for Bon Bon's birthday and she enlisted the help of Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy. During the party, we had cake, drinks, snacks, games, you name it. So, we were having a few laughs when Lyra noticed that we were out of ice. Applejack offered to go get some more and left. She didn't even come back for hours, so Rarity offered to go look for her and I volunteered to help out. We both found her in an alleyway, bound, gagged, and beaten within an inch of her life. Rarity and I had to rush her to the hospital where we both found out that she was raped and sodomized as well. When Big Mac found out, he was devastated. I had later learned from Granny Smith that he promised his and his sisters' parents that should anything happen to them, Big Mac would be there for his sisters."
"So, he felt like he broke that promise when Applejack got raped?"
"That's what I thought. When the town heard about what happened, both Twilight and the Mayor launched a manhunt for the rapist responsible for what happened. They never did find whoever it was, though, and the Apple Family wasn't quite the same afterwards."
Snow Flight brought his hand to his forehead in thought after what Golden Harvest said. He then looked at her with a determined look on his face.
"When I get discharged from the hospital, I'm going to have to explain everything to Princess Celestia," he said.
"WHAT?!" Golden Harvest said in surprise.
"Something's wrong with some of these people. I'll have to report my findings so far to her."
"Snow Flight, not that I disagree with your logic or anything, but if you tell her that you aided and abetted a criminal, you could be thrown into the dungeon or worse, banished into the Everfree Forest."
"I know. But I'll accept any punishment dealt out to me if it means that I'm able to research more into the problem and maybe find a cure."
"I really hope you're right. Just promise that you'll be more careful, at least for everyone's sake."
"If Pinkie was here, I'd do a Pinkie promise. But she's not, so I'll have to resort to a regular promise."
"That's fine."
Snow Flight had sighed as he laid down onto the bed.
"I could lose my job for this," he said. "But I can't continue my research with only one subject."
"I know," Golden Harvest said as she took his hand into her own. "I know."
Snow Flight smiled a bit at that.
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Ch. 1
Hey, me again with The Grimdark Virus Chapter 1! General description is that Snow Flight goes to check up on Applejack's family only to save someone from a maniac. I'm working on Chapter 2 right now, but I can tell you that Snow Flight is going to get to the bottom of things.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro. The basis of Sweet Apple Massacre does not belong to me. The only thing I own is the idea and Snow Flight.

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Warning: contains dark themes and swearing! You have been warned!
One dark night in Ponyville, all of the lights of the houses and buildings were turned off for the night, except for one house in particular. In one of the fairly large house's rooms, a young man with dark blue hair with white highlights, ice blue eyes, and wearing a white lab coat over a blue outfit was working on writing down what he had done for his research thus far, the powder blue wings on his back furling and unfurling every so often. After a while, he stopped writing and looked over the notes he wrote down.
"That should do it for today," he muttered to himself before hearing a knock on the front door.
He set down his notes and got up from his work desk, walking over to the door when he did. He opened it to reveal a woman about his age with pale blue hair with cerulean stripe, dark grey-purple eyes, and wearing a blue outfit underneath a purple star-patterned cape as well as a hat matching the cape on her head, though it was tipped back a bit, exposing an azure horn. The man had noticed the amount of blood on the clothes as the woman looked at him pathetically.
"I'm in trouble, Snowy," she had said.
The man was surprised, but he stepped aside.
"Come on in," he said as the woman went in.
Soon, both people were sitting at a table, with the woman in a set of clothes that were fairly too big for her.
"I wasn't expecting you to let me in like that," the woman remarked.
"I almost thought of turning you away," the man said as he got them some tea, "but then you called me 'Snowy'. You've never done that, not since we were kids. You would just call me by my actual name, Snow Flight."
The woman softly smiled.
"Guess I should've known my own cousin would be too smart for his own good," she remarked.
"You may have been a giant pain in the neck," Snow Flight started, "but you're still family, Trixie."
"That's true," Trixie said.
"Now, tell me why you showed up, looking like a blood fest," Snow Flight said.
Trixie had sighed.
"I... I've been killing people, Snowy," Trixie said.
Snow Flight became surprised at that.
"... How long?" he asked.
"It's been happening for weeks," Trixie answered. "I just don't know what's wrong with me. I had gotten back from practicing my act in the Everfree Forest and then the thoughts started. All I kept thinking about every day was killing and doing other ghastly things. Then, one day, the urges got too strong, so I set up a place called "Trixie's Fun House" and I started..."
"You started what?" Snow Flight said gently.
"... I started raping and killing people. I've even started a hitman business of all things."
Snow Flight was shocked at that.
"Why did you come to me, then? If you get caught, I could get in trouble for aiding and abetting a criminal."
"Because if there's anyone who can help me, it's you. You could find out what's wrong with me."
Snow Flight thought for a bit before sighing.
"Okay, I'll help. But you have to promise me that you either turn yourself in or go into hiding in case the Royal Guard suspects something."
"May I never perform again if I don't," Trixie promised.
"All right," Snow Flight said. "I'll go get a room ready for you. We start first thing in the morning."
"Okay," Trixie said.
Snow Flight then went to get a room ready for Trixie to stay in for the time being. As he did so, he picked up a phone and dialed a number, waiting a bit.
"Hello?" he heard a tired female voice say.
"Hey, Golden Harvest, it's me," Snow Flight said.
"Snow Flight?" Golden Harvest asked, confused. "You should be in bed by now, what's going on?"
"Think you can come over to my house tomorrow?" Snow Flight asked. "I promise I'll explain everything to you."
"Okay, I'll be there," Golden Harvest said. "But you owe me if I had to miss breakfast."
"Fair enough," Snow Flight said before the two exchanged good-byes and hung up.
He soon got a room set up and went to get Trixie. After getting her situated, he went to bed himself. When morning came, Snow Flight's alarm went off, which he shut off before getting up. He got dressed for the day ahead and was about to get everything in his lab ready when he heard a knock on his door. He walked over and answered it, seeing a woman with carrot orange hair, green eyes, and wearing a pale yellow shirt with matching skirt and shoes as well as holding a box.
"Derpy made too many muffins for breakfast," the woman said. "So, I brought extra for the both of us."
"That's good, Golden Harvest," Snow Flight said as he led Golden Harvest inside. "I need to set up in the lab, so I'll tell you everything there."
"Okay," Golden Harvest said as she followed Snow Flight to the lab.
As Snow Flight got everything ready, he explained to Golden Harvest what Trixie had told him last night.
"Wait, you mean to tell me that she's behind some of the disappearances?!" Golden Harvest asked in surprise.
"Yeah," Snow Flight said. "And in case you ask, she only went to me so that I could find out what's wrong with her."
"You could get in trouble if she gets caught," Golden Harvest said.
"I know," Snow Flight said. "But I'm willing to take that risk if it means that my own cousin would be back to her normal self once I help her out."
"Then why did you call me over?"
"Mostly because I needed someone to confide in about what I'm about to do. That and I'm gonna need an extra set of hands with some of the experiments."
"Makes sense," Golden Harvest admits.
"Yeah," Snow Flight said before looking at the clock. "I'm gonna go get Trixie."
"Is there anything I can do while you're at it?"
"Yeah, there's some spare lab coats in that closet," Snow Flight said as he pointed to the closet. "You can get one from there."
"All right," Golden Harvest said as Snow Flight went to the bedrooms.
He then walked over to the room Trixie was in and opened the door to see Trixie sitting on the bed.
"Hey," he said. "You ready?"
"Ready as I'll ever be," Trixie said as she got up from the bed.
Snow Flight only nodded as he led Trixie to the lab, where Golden Harvest was dressed in a lab coat and holding a clipboard.
"Don't worry, she's here to help too," Snow Flight said to Trixie, who only nodded in understanding.
Snow Flight then led Trixie over to an examination table and helped her onto it. He then, after he and Golden Harvest put on gloves, started by checking Trixie's vitals with Golden Harvest helping him by giving him the needed tools. Once he took note of the vitals, he then took out a syringe and checked to see if it was sterile.
"Think you can disinfect Trixie's arm?" he asked Golden Harvest before pointing. "There's some rubbing alcohol in that cabinet."
"Okay," Golden Harvest said as she went and got the items.
Snow Flight then got ready as Golden Harvest disinfected Trixie's arm.
"Don't worry, I just need a sample of your blood," he said to his cousin.
"Okay," Trixie said.
Snow Flight nodded and stuck the needle into the disinfected spot, drawing out a bit of blood before pulling it out. Golden Harvest got a Band-Aid out and placed it on the spot where he got the blood from as Snow Flight took the sample to a centrifuge. He placed the needle into a vial and squirts the blood into the vial. Once that was done, he placed the vial into the centrifuge and activated it. As the centrifuge worked, he went to collect more samples from Trixie, with Golden Harvest helping him. Once that was done and the samples were placed in analysis machines, Snow Flight had written down what Trixie had told him as Golden Harvest placed a muffin in front of him.
"You're gonna be hungry after all this, trust me," she said as she gave a muffin to Trixie.
"I'll just take your word for it," Snow Flight said before frowning. "I'm not sure if anything we got so far would help."
"What do you mean?" Golden Harvest asked.
"Well," he started as he began to eat the muffin, "the whole purpose of experiments is to test something. However, in order to test it, you would need several test subjects in order to see if your theory or hypothesis works. I know that something could be wrong with Trixie, but I only have her as a test subject. I need to have more test subjects to at least think about applying for a research grant."
"So, unless you know of anyone else in a similar situation as Trixie, you're stuck," Golden Harvest said.
"Yeah, pretty much," Snow Flight said as he finished his muffin.
Golden Harvest thought for a bit as Snow Flight resumed writing his notes.
"You know what you need?" she asked. "You need to take a break from all this."
"I appreciate the notion," Snow Flight said, "but I can't just take a break. The machines sometimes tend to act up and that's why I have to supervise them."
"You're going to work yourself to death," Golden Harvest said. "You should take a break."
Snow Flight sighed.
"Okay, I'll take a break," he said. "But only because you're my friend."
Golden Harvest smiled as he said that. Snow Flight soon finished writing his notes and set them aside.
"Trixie, think you can keep an eye on things?" he asked.
"I'll try," Trixie said.
"Okay," Snow Flight said as Golden Harvest took off the lab coat and neatly laid it down.
Both Snow Flight and Golden Harvest then left the house and started walking around Ponyville.
"So, how's Derpy been?" Snow Flight asked as they walked.
"She's been fine ever since she started dating Time Turner," Golden Harvest answered.
"That's good. Dinky and Amethyst Star could use a father in their lives."
"You know, I told Derpy the exact same thing."
Snow Flight chuckled at that. After a while of walking, Snow Flight checked his watch to see that it was about lunchtime.
"Hey, you wanna grab a quick bite to eat?" he asked.
"Sure," Golden Harvest said as the two of them walked over to Sugarcube Corner.
They had walked inside as a woman with hot pink hair streaked with pale pink, pink eyes and wearing a yellow and pink apron over a light blue dress and pink earrings sees them.
"Oh, hello, Golden Harvest, Snow Flight," the woman said in greeting. "What would you like today?"
"Some carrot cake if it's not too much trouble, Mrs. Cake," Golden Harvest said.
"Do you still sell blue velvet cupcakes?" Snow Flight asked.
"Of course," Mrs. Cake said with a smile. "Pinkie made some this morning just for you."
"Okay, then I'll have some blue velvet cupcakes," Snow Flight said with a nod.
Mrs. Cake nodded back and went to get their orders. Golden Harvest went to get her Bits when Snow Flight stopped her.
"Let me," he said. "My treat."
"You're such a gentleman," Golden Harvest said with a smile.
"Least I can do," Snow Flight said.
Mrs. Cake came back with their orders, which Snow Flight paid for with the right amount of Bits he had on hand. The both of them walked over to a nearby table and sat down.
"Hey, have you noticed that Mrs. Cake seemed out of it?" Snow Flight asked as he started taking off the first cupcake's wrapper.
"She's probably stressed out," Golden Harvest stated as she started eating her cake. "Being a co-owner of a bakery and mother of twins can do that to some people."
"True," Snow Flight said as he took a bite.
He then made a face.
"What?" Golden Harvest asked.
"Something's wrong with this cupcake," Snow Flight answered.
"What do you mean?"
"Don't know. It tastes funny."
"Maybe Pinkie put in the wrong ingredients."
"Doubtful. She's been more careful about what she puts in her baked goods after the Baked Bads Incident."
"Ugh, I know. I couldn't even look at a muffin without getting sick for a whole week."
Snow Flight took a look at the cupcake as a young woman with pink poofy hair, blue eyes, and wearing a pale pink outfit walked up to them.
"Hiya, guys!" the woman said with a bright smile. "How are the baked goodies today?"
"Delicious as always, Pinkie Pie," Golden Harvest said.
Snow Flight nodded in agreement.
"Okie-dokie-lokie!" Pinkie said as she walked back to the counter.
"That was close," Snow Flight said once Pinkie was out of earshot.
"You didn't want to tell her about the cupcakes?" Golden Harvest asked.
"No. She'll probably think I don't like her cupcakes. Plus, I don't like complaining about funny tastes if it's just the taste that's the problem."
He then looked at the cupcake once more.
"I have a theory," he said as he took out a scalpel and a pair of tweezers from his pocket and checked both items for cleanliness.
"What are you going to do with-?" Golden Harvest said before he used the scalpel to cut into the cupcake. "... Those?"
"There's a method to my madness," Snow Flight only said as he found something while cutting into the cupcake.
He then made a hole big enough for removing the item and used the tweezers to get it out. After a bit, he got the foreign object out, revealing it to be a human finger covered in cupcake bits. He became surprised as Golden Harvest let out a scream at the sight. Snow Flight looked towards the counter to see Mrs. Cake and Pinkie standing there, staring back at him. He then noticed that Pinkie had a crazy look on her face as she took out a knife.
"Mrs. Cake, look out!" Snow Flight suddenly shouted before Pinkie suddenly stabbed Mrs. Cake in the neck.
Mrs. Cake fell to the floor as Pinkie suddenly bolted out of the bakery. Snow Flight ran over to the counter.
"Golden Harvest, you go get Nurse Redheart!" he shouted. "I'll try and save Mrs. Cake!"
"Right!" Golden Harvest said as she ran out of the bakery.
Snow Flight had gotten behind the counter and knelt down next to Mrs. Cake, who was gasping for air as she held her hand over the wound.
"Don't worry, help's on the way," he said as he put on medical gloves. "I just need you to hold on for a little bit longer, okay?"
Mrs. Cake only nodded in response as Snow Flight helped her apply pressure to the injury. After a while, he heard the door open.
"Over here!" he shouted as he looked over to see that Golden Harvest had entered with a light pink-haired blue-eyed woman wearing a white nurse's outfit in tow.
Both women rushed over to the counter, with the woman in the nurse's outfit joining Snow Flight behind the counter.
"I came as soon as I heard," she said as she looked over the situation.
"Thanks, Nurse Redheart," Snow Flight said.
Nurse Redheart nodded in response as she slightly moved both Snow Flight and Mrs. Cake's hands.
"Good thing you acted quick when you did," she said as she started fixing up the wound. "A second or so late, she would've bled to death."
Snow Flight sighed out of relief.
"However, I'm going to have to take her down to the hospital so that we can at least monitor her vitals," Nurse Redheart said.
"Wouldn't you need to notify Mr. Cake about that?" Snow Flight asked.
"About that," Golden Harvest started, "he happened to be there with their babies when I told Nurse Redheart what happened."
"Damn it," Snow Flight muttered. "That means that he'll alert the authorities."
"Based on what I heard, it'll be a good thing he would," Nurse Redheart said. "That way, some of the disappearances can be cleared up."
"True," Snow Flight said with a nod.
Nurse Redheart nodded. Eventually, the Royal Guards had arrived, with Nurse Redheart and other paramedics leading Mrs. Cake, who was laying on a stretcher, towards an ambulance. Both Golden Harvest and Snow Flight had told the Royal Guards what had happened as well as answered any questions they had been asked. Once that was done, the two were clear to leave and they started walking home.
"Well, that was... unexpected," Golden Harvest said.
"Yeah," Snow Flight said before thinking.
"What is it?" Golden Harvest asked as she noticed.
"I think that there's something wrong with Pinkie Pie."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about it: she somehow killed and made people into cupcakes for no apparent reason."
"That's true," Golden Harvest said as Snow Flight realized something.
"What if Pinkie is in a similar situation as Trixie?" he asked.
Golden Harvest stared at him in surprise.
"Come on!" Snow Flight said as he grabbed Golden Harvest by the hand and started running towards his house.
"Hey, slow down!" Golden Harvest shouted as they ran.
After a while, they soon reached his house and hastily entered. Snow Flight let go of Golden Harvest's hand and ran into his lab. He looked at the analysis machines and centrifuge as Golden Harvest entered.
"Snow Flight, you're scaring me," she said.
"Sorry, but I know that something's up with both Trixie and Pinkie Pie," Snow Flight said as he looked at the vial of Trixie's blood. "Wait a minute... Hey, get over here."
Golden Harvest walked over as Snow Flight showed her the vial. She saw that some of the red blood cells have black spots on them.
"Oh, my..." Golden said as shock appeared on her face.
"That's right, some of Trixie's red blood cells are diseased," Snow Flight said. "But every Equestrian's body has white blood cells, which helps take care of viruses and other foreign agents. So, why didn't Trixie's white blood cells do something about that?"
"Maybe you could consult someone?" Golden Harvest suggested.
"Who, though? Time Turner specializes in time-based science and Twilight Sparkle probably has a lot on her plate with her duties as a Princess."
"Well, you never know."
"True," Snow Flight said before making a face. "I haven't seen Trixie since we came back from the Sugarcube Corner."
"Maybe she went to bed," Golden Harvest said.
"Maybe. I'll go check."
Snow Flight then walked up to the room he was letting Trixie in and entered, noting that there were the same clothes he made Trixie change into neatly folded onto the bed along with a note. He picked up the note and read it.


Thank you for letting me stay with you, even if my time at your house was short. It's just that I can't stay here for any longer than I needed to. I saw the Royal Guards from the window, but they didn't see me. I told myself that it was probably just either a patrol or that they were after someone else, but I got paranoid. I couldn't take chances, so I decided to run away or turn myself in, whichever comes first. Just in case, I changed back into the bloody clothes so that you wouldn't get charged for aiding and abetting a criminal. I really hope you can find out what's wrong with me and fix it.

Your cousin,

Snow Flight blinked and then folded up the letter.
"It's not just you I may have to cure," he said as he walked out of the room. "It's you, Pinkie Pie, and who knows who else out there has the same signs."
He then closed the door and went to go find Golden Harvest.
My Little Pony FiM: The Grimdark Virus Prologue
Hey, guys, me with a new fic. This was actually an old idea :iconsquall91ful: and I had made back when we were in the My Little Pony phase but we scrapped it. But I got hit by inspiration, so I decided to make a fanfic series where our OC, Snow Flight, sets out to figure out exactly what is plaguing Ponyville and Equestria as a whole. Just so you'll know, the crimes mentioned in this fanfic series are based on the Grimdark fanfics regarding the TV series as a whole.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro. The basis of Cupcakes belongs to Sergeant Sprinkles and the basis for Trixie's Fun House does not belong to me. The only thing I own is the idea and Snow Flight.
Note: Just use any name you want for the Protagonist whenever you see P/C, as long as it's male.
Also, spoilers for the end of Persona 5.
I should've known
From how I felt
When we were together
And even more when we were apart
You tiptoed in
And you got under my skin
You snuck your way right into my heart

You stood at the train station with your childhood friend, P/C, waiting for the train that'll take him to Tokyo. He had told you that he had to transfer schools as part of his probation and you both made plans to meet at the train station so that you could see him off.
"Promise you'll write?" you asked him as a train finally came to the station.
"Yeah," P/C said as some of the passengers left the train while several more boarded the train.
"Now boarding train leaving for Yogen-Jaya, Tokyo," they heard the announcement say.
You both gave each other one last hug before he went to board the train. He looked at you as he stood at one of the train cars' doorway.
"Good-bye," you said to him.
"Good-bye," P/C said as he went into the train car.
You watched as the train left, a sad look on your face. 'Why can't I tell him?' you thought to yourself.

I put up barriers
To shield my emotions
A wall that you could never break apart
But like a ninja of love
Rappelling down from above
You snuck your way right into my heart
Oh yeah

It had been months since you last saw P/C at the train station and, during that time, you had been noticing something weird. You'd notice that some of the people in Tokyo would suddenly confess that they were participating in wrongdoing from either watching the news on TV or from reading the letters from P/C. You wanted to ask him about why the sudden surge of confessions, but you didn't want to waste both your time and his, so you never did.
As you continued your normal life, you can't help but wonder about the strange surge of confessions. You weren't sure, but you knew that it was only a matter of time before even the politicians suddenly confessed to wrongdoing. You let out a sigh after having one such thought as you walked to school.

C'mon everybody, let me hear ya!
Nah Na Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nah
You snuck your way right into my heart!
Nah Na Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nah

You sat in your bedroom, reading (fav. manga). You had suddenly stopped hearing from P/C all together after you heard that he had apparently killed himself while he was arrested for being one of the people responsible for the sudden surge of confessions. You were so distraught by the news that you had literally shut yourself in, only coming out to go to school. Your parents had grown concerned about you, but they had never succeeded in drawing you out. The sudden sound of something hitting the window brought you out of your depressed thoughts. You set your book down and walked over to the window, looking out of it only to blink in surprise. You saw P/C out on the lawn, looking up at the window with a smile on his face. You rubbed your eyes a bit and looked again to see if you were imagining things before dashing out of your room. You exited your house to see that P/C was still in the exact same spot you saw him in. He looked at you and smiled once more.
"You're such a mess," he remarked, the smile still present.
That did it for you, you ran over to him and hugged him, sobbing into his chest. P/C became surprised and hugged you back, comfortingly rubbing your head. After a while, your sobbing turned into sniffles.
"Do you have any idea what I've been through thanks to you?!" you said to him. "I thought you were dead!"
"Not really, I faked that," P/C said before breaking off the hug as well as explaining to you everything that happened.
"You did all that?" you asked.
"Yeah," P/C said. "I didn't tell you in the letters because if anyone was after me, then chances were that they could target you."
P/C nodded as a black and white cat poked its head out of his bag. You jumped in surprise at that.
"Morgana, don't scare her!" P/C said to the cat before looking at you. "Sorry about that, he's harmless, really."
"It's okay," you said. "He's cute, though."
"Yeah," P/C said with a smile.
You smiled as well before looking at him with a serious face.
"I want to tell you something," you said.
"What?" P/C asked.
"I..." you said before sighing. "I love you."
P/C blinked at that before smiling and hugged you. You looked up at him, confused.
"I love you too, (Name)," he said before he kissed you on the forehead.
You smiled at that and you both looked each other in the eyes. Morgana had jumped out of P/C's bag and began to rub his head as well as body against your legs. You both noticed that.
"He likes you," P/C said as you giggled.
You both then kissed each other on the lips, paying no attention to anyone watching.
Persona 5 Protagonist x Reader- You Snuck Your Way
Hey, me with a new fic. This time, I wrote about Persona 5. Just so you know, I've only been past the intro and tutorial level and I only know about the ending from the wikia. Also, this is released on my birthday, like that matters.

Persona 5 belongs to Atlus. The song You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart belongs to Disney. You belong to you.


United States
Current Residence: Sweet Home Louisiana
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: All styles
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: When in doubt, trust your gut.
Okay, ever since I made the intro, a lot of people had sent me suggestions for which characters to use for the remaining five Sins and reasons why they think said character fits said Sin. I haven't gotten anything new since the last person's suggestion, so I decided to let you guys vote for who you think should be the best candidate for each Sin. Before I go into more detail, I'd like to note that I will have either Lust or Sloth up soon, just don't ask me how soon. Anyway, the rules for voting are listed below:

1) Each person can only vote one character for each Sin. (For example, you can't vote for two characters for Pride.)
2) If I missed anyone else, be sure to let me know and I'll fix up the ballot.
3) Be respectful of anyone's choices for the Sins.

With that out of the way, here are the potential candidates for the remaining five Sins (if you want reasons, go check the comments on the intro):


Fred Bear

Balloon Boy

Withered Bonnie
Phantom Animatronics

Toy Chica
Toy Freddy
Nightmare Fredbear

Other than that, have fun voting!


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